Elite coaching for men who want it all.

Everyone is entitled to a delicious and fulfilling love life.

Proven strategies for personal fulfillment.


From the boardroom to the bedroom, the Inspired Intimacy™ process by Kayce provides concrete steps toward deep satisfaction and personal fulfillment. It is the go-to approach to guiding men to a healthier, more satisfying and integrated relationship to their own sexuality, whether single or in partnership.


Kayce Neill


Kayce Neill is a renowned trauma therapist, dominatrix, erotic educator, experienced High Performance Coach, speaker and
highly trained Erotic Blueprints™ by Jaiya Coach for successful men, radiant women, and conscious couples
who wish to attain mastery in and out of the bedroom.

Through her extensive training, personal experience and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, she’s here to help you attain mastery - and
get you the hot, juicy personal life you deserve. Her work has been used with men, women and couples, with clients calling
her the love & inctimacy coach to go to when you want to become a confident lover.

When she’s not working with her high-profile clientele, you can find her indulging in trips around the world, lounging in her
favorite lingerie or enjoying a glass (or two!) of champagne.

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